Florida International Attracts Students and Press to Generation of War Event

The event Young Americans for Liberty at Florida International University planned for our Miami campus began with a Facebook event page to raise awareness.

On this page, we asked people to share ideas and coordinate plans for our much anticipated and large two-day event on the campus. We had to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hurdles laid by the administration involving noise restrictions and “free-speech zones.” Once we got past those annoyances it was straight to work and planning a Generation of War event.

Generation of War at FIU

We used costumes and props such as shackles, ball and chains, masks of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, an Uncle Sam outfit, Guantanamo Bay orange jumpsuits, spray paint, poster boards, a megaphone,  and more.

We reached out to the media and our event was covered by a total of three local sources: The Miami New Times newspaper, Fox News local channel 7 WSVN, and the university’s newspaper.

I was contacted by CNN en Español, an international television channel, about appearing on their show “Oppenheimer Presenta” to talk about drones and our antiwar activism.  Juan Carlos Hidalgo of the Cato institute also appeared on this show, and I sent the former President of our chapter, Reynaldo Machado in my place. Watch the video here!

We lined the school with signs everywhere. The signs displayed facts about the war on terror and moving statistics. We were joined by Sandy Davies, an author of a book on the war in Iraq titled Blood on our Hands.

Two of our members gave speeches as well — I put on the Obama mask and spoke to the people in character, and Prem Lee Barbosa gave a Martin Luther King speech on the War in Vietnam.

We gave out a lot of materials and books, signed up a lot of new members, reached a lot of people, and stirred up a lot of trouble on campus with our antics in the process!

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