Florida International University Recruitment Drive

On October 11, 2016, the Young Americans for Liberty – FIU chapter held our first recruitment drive!

Due to the restrictive rules of club forming at FIU (10 members, an executive board, and a faculty advisor), we are currently unable to be officially recognized by our school. However, we did make significant progress this past Tuesday. We pushed some tables in front of a bench outside our library together for a makeshift activism table, and passed around YAL leaflets and pocket Constitutions. We engaged in discussion about economic and civil liberties to many passerby students, of which many showed enthusiasm after we explained the connection of YAL’s founding to the Ron Paul movement. After two hours of tabling, we received 11 signups, and handed out leaflets to many more future hopefuls.

We will continue to do recruitment drives every week until we comprise what is needed of our school club requirements.

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