Florida Libertarians Take Unique Approach to Controversial TSA Searches

On July 31st the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF), with the support of several other groups, will host a rally at the Florida Sheriffs Association convention in Daytona Beach, FL. The goal of the rally is to encourage Florida sheriffs to enforce the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution; Article 1, Section 12 of the Florida Constitution; and Florida State Statute 794.011 with regard to Transportation Security Administration agents conducting warrantless searches of passengers at Florida airports.

This is a unique approach to solving the issue of TSA scanners and intrusive searches at airports. Texas recently tried to pass a law that would have made the TSA searches illegal, but the bill was killed at the last minute, and Utah is supposedly considering similar legislation. The LPF says that the TSA’s actions are already illegal under the current laws and all that needs to happen is for someone to enforce them.

This protest comes on the heels of an incident involving a wheelchair-bound 95 year-old woman who was forced to remove her adult diaper by TSA agents at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. This case, and others like it, has galvanized TSA opponents and the LPF protest has already received support from several other organizations including the Tenth Amendment Center and the Florida Tea Party.

If the rally succeeds, it would make Florida the first state to successfully defeat the TSA and would create a precedent that other states can use in their own anti-TSA efforts. Even if the LPF’s event doesn’t convince the Florida sheriffs to act, it could send a strong message to Florida lawmakers during the upcoming legislative season and, at the very least, is sure to raise awareness for their cause.

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