Florida State Free Speech Wall

During YAL at Florida State University’s Free Speech Wall, our first event of the year, we recruited 68 new members, and brought to the attention of our administration the unconstitutionality of FSU’s speech zones.  

Free Speech Wall.

After successfully dissuading FSU police from forcing the speech wall to disband, we were paid a visit by Dr. Mary Coburn, the vice president of student affairs. The previous week, she issued the following statement via e-mail:

Dear Students:

Late yesterday evening an inappropriate social media message regarding students at Florida State University and Florida A & M University was brought to the attention of the University.  Florida State has zero tolerance for racist speech, no matter which medium is used to communicate the message.  Please be assured that the University is investigating this situation and will take appropriate action within University policy.

Florida State University is proud to be a diverse community with a longstanding tradition of respect for the dignity and worth of each person.  We expect each member of our community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and demonstrate respect for others and ourselves.  Florida State will host our annual Civility Week September 11-17.  Civility Week will provide an opportunity for our University community to discuss relevant issues, like this matter, that impact each of us and the greater community.

For more information on our long-standing tradition of “Uphold the Garnet and Gold,” visit http://uphold.fsu.edu.  

Best wishes for successful and positive school year.

Yet in a sweet case of irony for publicity, she was spotted writing on the speech wall:

Dr. Coburn

After an email sent by Stephen Varnell, alumn advisor to YAL at FSU, Dr. Coburn agreed to recommend a revision of FSU’s speech zone policy to Florida State’s general counsel, a huge victory for free speech on our campus. We hope to use this momentum to continue to spread the message of liberty at FSU!

Free Speech Wall 2

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