Flyers for Liberty getting off the Ground with Constitution Week Activism at UD

Constitution Week is a very special time to remember the founding document of our great nation and the rights which it guarantees us under the law. At the University of Dayton Constitution Week has been sadly pushed to the wayside as a second rate celebration — until now that is.

The University of Dayton’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty celebrated Constitution week as its first ever major campus activism project and met their goals with some success. On Constitution Day, September 17th, the UD-YAL attended a debate between the Ohio state party chairs of the Republican and Democratic parties of Ohio, and we used the audience question session to infuse liberty and the constitution into the conversation.

After the debate, we also met in order to discuss the the topics of the debate and how to solve the problems presented with a steady prescription of liberty. Later in the week, UD-YAL partnered with the UD Spectrum group with a table discussing the role of government in marriage and how it relates to the Constitution. Spectrum provided cupcakes and we provided literature for our “Cupcakes and Constitutions” table. Our partnership with Spectrum was fruitful and we look forward to partnering with them and other groups with whom we can agree with on certain issues in the future.

Next, UD-YAL tabled inside of Kennedy Union, handing out a sizable number of constitutions and adding several students to our ranks via our handy sign up sheet. We weren’t able to use everything we received in our activism kit, but we have already planned another activism event coming up on October 2nd, so you can all look forward to seeing more from us in the near future!

We may be the newest organization on campus here at UD, but we are committed to being the most visible. 

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