For your protection…

…the TSA is on the job.  It’s been several months since full-body scanners were installed in Reagan National Airport in D.C. (a change which made me instantly committed to flying out of Dulles and BWI), but since then they have continued to spread around the country.  The most recent location is Tulsa, where TSA employees may now look through passengers’ clothing to see if they have anything objectionable underneath.

Few privacy objections have been raised by those subjected to the revealing scan, probably in part because a manual frisking – which could never be invasive – is offered as an alternative, and in part because the TSA has been so very reassuring: “‘[The images produced by that scanner] are not pornographic at all,’ Tulsa screener Debbie Shacklett said. ‘I don’t look at them as people. I look at them as a thing that could have something on it.'”

And so the things that could have something on them continue on their way, not so much concerned that their Fourth Amendment rights have just been grossly violated, but perhaps a little miffed that the whole process took so long.

As C.S. Lewis rightly said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for ‘for the good of its victims’ may be the most oppressive.”

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