Foreign policy rhetoric or death metal lyrics?

Hyperbole and politics hardly ever come together in a more explosive fashion than during a foreign policy debate between two candidates who both see the world as a place that needs to be managed largely using American military force.  With that theme in mind, I invite you to play today’s political game — foreign policy rhetoric, or death metal lyrics?  Basically, you just have to guess whether each of these phrases is rhetoric used by one of the candidates last night to describe foreign policy or the lyrics from a death metal song.  Answers at the end!

“Radical violent extremism”


“Rising Tide of Chaos”

“Mission Muddle”

“Blood On His Hands”

“Peaceful Planet”


“Challenges We Can’t Imagine”

“Wrong and Reckless”



“Last Resort”


“The Clock is Ticking”


“Iron Dome”

“Closer to a Bomb”

“Rising Tide of Violence”




“Moving Heaven and Earth”

“Mission Creep”

“Proceeding Apace”

“Extraordinary Danger”

“Failed State”

“Threat To This Nation”

“Killing Bad Guys”

“Closer to a Bomb”

“Maintain Vigilance”

“The Greatest Threat”


So what do you think?  Which ones are foreign policy rhetoric and which are death metal lyrics?

Surprise, trick question!  It’s all foreign policy rhetoric.  Think there might be some hyperbole going on here?  I’m not sure whether I should be terrified or just ready to shred in drop-C on my Gibson.

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