Former Police Captain Howard Rahtz visits OU

It may come as no surprise but the 4/20 event protesting drug prohibition is the favorite event for Ohio University’s YAL chapter. This event annually brings between 20 and 30 people, which is why we were glad we chose a big lecture hall for the event.

After tabling and advertising extensively, we managed to score 20 people in attendance on 4/20 in order to hear former Police Captain Howard Rahtz from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speak on the violence and outright failure of the War on Drugs and the merits of treating drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal offense.

YAL Treasurer Ken Williams and member Brandon Kerr advertising the YAL-LEAP Event

With tabling and this event itself, we were able to score somewhere around 10 new names to our email list, and we hope to keep these people coming to events in the future. 

Tying this in with Incarceration Nation, we tabled concurrently with both literature from that program as well as that of SFL’s End the Drug War. On every chair was displayed an Incarceration Nation fact palm card as well as the ever-informative “What Not to Say to the Police” card.

Former Captain Rahtz speaks on how regulating drugs like marijuana would curb much of the violence in urban areas

Howard Rahtz himself spoke well of the literature generously provided by YAL’s program and even geared the latter part of his speech towards the folly of mass incarceration, as well as knowing your rights in front of a police officer. In fact, he said the only thing he’d add to the small blue cards was about filming the police. One needs to be a certain distance away as they would characterize any up close filming as resisting arrest (which is bogus but, oh well).


We are extremely glad once again for all the support YAL has given us. Without their generous support, this event and indeed many others in the future would not be possible. We will continue to further YAL’s goals, and with the continued time and effort of our dedicated executive board, liberty will become an active facet of Ohio University.

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