Founding a chapter in Southern Nevada

It is a little bit ironic, that the biggest obstacle in the founding of my chapter has been the incompetency of the student government at my college. From their strange and arbitrary requirements to not being able to accurately provide me with information, I was sent back and forth between my school’s information desk and the student government office like a pong pixel, and still had to figure out, for myself, what I have to do to get things going.

Other obstacles include the politically apathetic environment of the Las Vegas region, on top of the apathy that tends to already exist in many community colleges. Still, through hard work, commitment from a few key members like Miles Dunn and Anthony Fox, and the endless amount of work from our State Chair Lesley Chan, our chapter has risen from the ruins of the politically empty wasteland that is the College of Southern Nevada.

The process has been difficult, but also extremely rewarding. We are still struggling with school recognition. Arbitrary standards they have set make it difficult. That, combined with the aforementioned incompetence of the school itself has kept us from that goal so far.

It has not, however, inhibited our ability to be active on campus. Our chapter has been attending events thrown by other clubs and we have started throwing events off campus. Last week we promoted voluntary charity when we helped the Environmental Science club assemble and pass out bagged lunches to the homeless residents of our city.

Because of being unrecognized and thus unable to reserve rooms on campus, this Saturday we will throw our first monthly “First Saturday Liberty Workshop+Party” which will be held in space lent to us by the Libertarian Party of Nevada and the Players Network.

In getting started, the best tool was simply talking to people. While tabling, while walking the halls between classes. While standing outside, smoking a cigarette. We did the poster board survey inspired by the chapter at Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom. We walked around passing out fliers. Everyone at least has one issue they care about and discuss.

The political spirit is something that can be awoken within everyone, as is the spirit of liberty and freedom. Again, devotion from the State Chair Lesley Chan, and her devotion to help table, create fliers, and offer advice, has allowed this chapter to grow into what it is currently, and what it will become.

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