Franklin and Marshall Club fair

My YAL chapter participated in Franklin and Marshall’s fall semester club fair on Friday 9/8. Unfortunately, the previously planned club fair that was scheduled for Wednesday 9/6 was postponed to Friday due to rain. I was concerned that there would not be a large turnout at this club fair because it took place on a Friday afternoon, however, there was a decent turnout for the fair. My chapter tabled from 5 pm until 6:30 pm and we received 26 signups. I was pleasantly surprised with the number because I attend a liberal school with only 2200 students so my board and I were not expecting to get more than maybe 20 signups. There are a few reasons we were able to get those signups: 1. A lot of students were looking for the College Republicans who didn’t end up tabling 2. We were actively going up to students and asking them questions about themselves rather than just giving the spiel about the club 3. A lot of students saw the memes we positioned around the table and they were curious. My one regret is that not many students took any of the materials that we had on our table. In the future, I will make it clear that students can take any of the material from the table because I think that will attract more students. Overall I was proud of my chapter and I am excited to host our first meeting this Thursday! 

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