Franklin and Marshall College’s YAL Meeting Highlights

Here at Franklin and Marshall College, our YAL chapter held a meeting on our campus last night. We discussed out upcoming club fair that invites prospective F&M students to browse through all the different clubs on campus (who will also be tabling their clubs at the event). We decided that this would be a great opportunity to promote YAL to prospective F&M students, as well as to current students who will be attending the club fair. We also reviewed which YAL merchandise we should have on our display table for students who are potentially interested in joining our chapter. In addition, we discussed our upcoming exciting plans for our free speech ball this coming Monday! Us board members advised the rest of the club on the appropriate procedures to follow if, and when, we are approached by faculty members who want to shut the free speech ball down. We even gave each club member at the meeting one of YAL’s “How to deal with police” cards just in case we run into any problems with the law. We also handed out YAL’s pocket constitutions to our new members and got them super excited about promoting liberty here at F&M! Overall, I would say we had a very successful first full meeting as a club and we plan to have weekly meetings to keep everyone informed and up to date on all things YAL! 

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