Franklin and Marshall’s First Meeting

We had our first meeting of the semester at Franklin & Marshall College on Wednesday 9/13. Although we got 25 new signups at our club fair the previous Friday, we only had 5 new members at our first meeting. On the bright side, we were able to convince 4 out of the 5 newcomers to become full YAL members! Since the meeting was so intimate it allowed myself and the other officers to get to know each of the new members and understand why they were interested in YAL, I plan to use this information in the future when we recruit.

 As President of the chapter, I started the meeting and talked generally about YAL and what it means to be a member of YAL as well as what we are planning to do this semester. After I spoke we were lucky enough to have one of our state chairs (the best one) Kaleigh Cunningham speak. She spoke about the different opportunities that being a member of YAL has provided her. She also spoke about the relationships (professionally and personally) people can build through YAL.

After Kaleigh spoke, we all formed a circle and got to know each other a bit. We also talked about the craziness that each person has seen on campuses across America. It was strangely comforting for everyone to realize that they have more or less dealt with the same stuff. We ended the meeting by discussing our plans for Constitution Day and the rest of the semester. Overall, it was a great meeting although the turnout was lower than I had hoped. I am looking forward to a greater turnout next meeting because I have already had 4 students who missed the meeting apologize for missing it and assure me that they will be at the next meeting and that they want to make a difference with YAL this semester!  

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