Free Market Economics and the Future Business Leaders

I have been an active member in the Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda in the past few years, and I’ve noticed two things from the FBLA perspective:

1. Capitalism (in the sense that true free-market capitalist know it) is bad because it’s “unethical”

2. The only school of economics that is “correct” is the Keynesian school.

I’m familiar with these ideas because of the “objective tests” given in categories like “Business Ethics” (which implies that a company that puts profits first is unethical, even though said company would want to put people first in order to put profits first. The test writers are unfamiliar with Adam Smith) and Mr. Future Business Leader (which has implied that globalization is evil and will lead to the downfall of Americanism).

Bastiat LegacyAm I saying that there is anything wrong with FBLA or their tests? No, but I believe that some form of a counter-school to these accepted truths ought to be offered. For that reason, I will be hosting a regional workshop next fall about free-market economics. 

I will be distributing copies of Students for Liberty’s book “The Economics of Freedom” and will be basing most of my short lecture on the theory of the Invisible Hand of the Free Market.

The lecture is only about 20-35 minutes long, but comments as to additional resources or topics to be touched upon are appreciated.

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