Free Markets 101 at Cal State Bakersfield

Free Markets 101

Our “Free Markets 101” recruiting event really took place over a two-week period.  During the first week, we tabled in front of our campus’s Student Union building, distributing literature, and simply speaking with students about the practical and moral superiority of laissez-faire capitalism over a state-regulated economy.

Many students were interested, yet felt they couldn’t argue for capitalism since many professors are, frankly, anti-capitalist. The other officers and I blew their minds by paraphrasing much of Bastiat’s works. They had simply never heard any these pro-capitalist arguments.  As a result, they asked for more free-market literature and began attending meetings regularly, asking more questions.

Side note: Luckily, there was also a job and internship fair happening right next to our tabling location which made us more visible to the students.  So, for future reference, if you can table near other events on campus you’ll definitely get more attention.

The next week we set up the “Rags or Riches?” game during the campus club fair.  Once again, we interacted with a ton of students since most, if not all, of Cal State Bakersfield’s student organization were out recruiting new members.  Many were surprised to learn that the United States was travelling further down “the road to serfdom”, and influenced some into signing up for more information.

Overall, our “Free Markets 101” recruiting events turned out to be huge successes. We added new official members and have more students attending our meeting than ever before.  The future of liberty is bright at California State University-Bakersfield.

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