Free Markets 101 at St. John’s University

spring club fair table

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at St. John’s University participated in our first club fair a few weeks ago at the spring club fair. We used our Operation Politically Homeless Kit to table and attracted a lot of people with our countless free books, candy, and interactive display. We were able to sign up about fifty people to our email list that day!

Our next meeting was a week later where we discussed our upcoming plans for our Free Markets 101 activism event and our Generation of War event. The rest of the E-board and I were a little disappointed that more people didn’t show up, we only had about five people come that hadn’t come to other meetings. However, we did befriend one new member who has recently been elected as our new secretary! Slowly but surely our chapter is growing, although it often seems to be two steps forward and one step back we are learning from our experiences and growing our leadership.


Five of our chapter members attended the International Students for Liberty Conference in February. It was certainly nice to see initiative from some of our newer members that attended and they spoke highly of all the speakers which included Congressman Justin Amash, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, George Mason professor Steve Horwitz, and TV personality John Stossel to name a few of the highlights. We had a great time interacting with other young libertarians and learning more about libertarian philosophy. 

Free Markets 101

Last week our chapter was finally able to execute our Free Markets 101 events! We tabled with our “Jenganomics” kit. Admittedly, we did not attract as many people as we had hoped. At St. John’s, we must go through the student government any time we wish to table and we are given a specific time and place to table that is beyond our control. We did not receive the time and place we had hoped for and indicated on the form, but nonetheless we attracted a few people to stop and play and our chapter members certainly made a presence by playing the game in front of the table for nearly the duration of our tabling.

We now have our Generation of War event coming up where we will be tabling with a “casualties clock” of the war on terror, reporting the number of U.S. military personnel deaths. As our chapter continues to grow and we learn more about executing successful activism events, we are optimistic that our number of students attracted will grow exponentially!

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