Free Markets 101 at Texas A&M

Howdy from Texas A&M!

Now, when you’re a grad student, your time is somewhat limited. So when you wind up the President of your local YAL chapter starting from scratch, you make the time. We kicked off our semester with some tabling. We handed out plenty of books and materials to passing students.

Handing Out Books

This, of course, was leading up to our Free Market Economics 101 presentation. At the beginning of the presentation we had two volunteers try to rank the most economically free countries. They fared pretty well (since they suspected the trap).


While the turnout at our follow-up event was not great, the people who showed up were really enthusiastic about the presentation and stayed afterwards to discuss issues. We now have a few more members to help us spread the word in the future. While we may have had a rocky start, we have also been met with some success and will continue to build as we move into the semester.

P.S. — the Jenga-nomics blocks make useful paperweights on a windy day!

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