Free Markets 101 @ CU-Boulder

This February, YAL at the University of Colorado at Boulder held a Free Markets 101 activism event in the University Memorial Center.  At the beginning of the day we had our Rags to Riches game posted on the wall; this game asks participants to rank countries based on the income per person as well as its economic freedom. 

Many people were surprised to learn that the United States wasn’t number one.  When we pulled out statistics from Cato  that showed that the United States was actually ranked 18th people were stunned.  One visitor that talked to us remarked that for each problem the government tries to solve in the economy, it winds up creating three more.

Rags to Riches

After a few hours, the UMC staff came by and told us our Rags to Riches poster was not allowed to be on the wall and forced us to take it down. 

We moved it to our table and decided that was a good time to set up the Jenganomics game.  We got some strange looks the first time the tower fell down but overall it was an engaging experience that gave us an opportunity to talk to students about the problems of wealth distribution.


Throughout the day we handed out copies of SFL’s After the Welfare State and told people about the meeting we were having the next day.

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