Free Markets 101 Report at Illinois State University

Getting Students Interested in Free Markets

After receiving our Free Markets 101 activism kit, our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty at Illinois State University decided to table and spread the ideas of economic freedom and free market capitalism. We set up a table in our student center, and set up the “Jenganomics” set to attract student’s attention. We numbered the blocks and asked questions corresponding with the numbers concerning capitalism and free-markets.

Tumbling Tower

To incentivize students to play, we offered candy and cans of iced tea as prizes. When the Jenga tower fell, we explained to the participants that just as removing blocks from the bottom of the tower to top creates instability, government enforced reallocation wealth also creates economic, domestic and social instability.

Students Playing "Jenganomics"

We also handed out literature, pocket constitutions, and flyers concerning the principles of libertarianism and told students (as well as prospective students) what our club was about and how they can get involved. At the next meeting we had, we had a follow up PowerPoint given by one our members that explained sound money, economic liberty and the role of the federal reserve in our society.

Follow Up Meeting Discussing Sound Money and the Federal Reserve

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