Free Markets 101 Report @ GCSU


For our Free markets 101 event here at Georgia College and State University, we were lucky to get out and engage some of our fellow students, with the ideas of liberty.

We talked a great deal on the economy and how taxes could be reformed to encourage economic growth instead of stifle it. We even had a liberal come up to our table and debate with us about a great many policies; it was a welcome chance to test out our new equipment and economic know-how. Where we educated her about the similarities between Bush and Obama.

We played Jenga-Nomics with some passersby, who we were able to inform about the ideas of free markets and how government redistribution is NOT capitalism. Some were not interested in signing up because they were preoccupied with midterms, but we still were able to educate and hopefully change some minds about what capitalism is and isn’t. For that, I am proud of our small chapter.

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