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Greetings from Schoolcraft YAL!

This semester we kicked off our activism with the Rags to Riches kit we received from YAL national. As our winter fair grew near, we set up a constitutional questionnaire to play with our Jenga kit and a prize system to go with our Rags to Riches poster game.

Overall, we saw the most success with our poster game, because it seemed that students were intimidated by a giant Jenga set! Our chapter President even made the set fall on him on purpose to show students that it’s okay! Let it fall!

Our poster game challenged the minds of students! Many students were baffled that the United States was not the most economically free country, or even that China was not very high up on that list.

We found the resources that were asked for the most were YAL pocket Constitutions, and this sparked an array of sign ups. We held a meeting following the event, and a member of our group gave a brief lecture on economic freedom. Overall we felt the kit was a success, but we could’ve done without the Jenga set. We’re storing it away to bring it back out for our fall fair which will be outside and hopefully put students in a more daring mood! We enjoyed the kit and will definitely  be using it in the future to draw attention to our table. Thanks to YAL National for making this all possible!

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