Free Markets 101 (Southern Fried Edition) Courtesy of YAL at the University of South Alabama

YAL at the University of South Alabama decided to use the occasion of our weekly tabling events to reach out, register, and make some noise about free markets on campus.

Our Jenganomics exposition went over well and was filled with much excitement and fanfare. Discussions were had, knowledge was exchanged, and registration forms were filled out.

A registrant  

We are a new chapter (our first meeting was in January), and by every measure this Jenganomics/Free Markets 101 display was by far our most active tabling session of the Spring semester and a great boost for morale.

The tabling began at 2:30 in the afternoon at the Humanities Building. This bastion of Poly Sci savants, Criminal Justice Majors, ex-military, future globalists, and lay philosophers were all witness to the majesty of our well-stocked table and towering monolith of wooden blocks.

The Game...

The best way to illustrate how this showcase of economic tomfoolery went down was highlighted by our comical interaction with Bo, the International Studies major.

Bo arrived with a keen eye on our tower of blocks, which at this point, fellow YALer and Rothbardian disciple Austin had helped me set up with flawless precision.

Bo... a player...

I invited Bo to take a shot at a ‘free market economy.’ 

The master begins...

I proceeded to follow the criteria laid out in the video, by asking questions and picking Bo’s brain.

... and proceeds...

To our surprise, Bo was a top-notch player, and could be defeated when it comes to Jenga…apparently. 

... and proceeds...

He was so good at keeping that tower of market mayhem afloat that a small captive gathering always seemed to be present during our back and forth.  The questions went from the banal to the obscure and esoteric.

... and proceeds...

Still, there was no market destruction.  The Keynesians appeared to have the upper hand. 

... and continues... patiently

Fortunately, a Napoleon, in the form of Bo’s friend… (or crony?) decided he couldn’t keep his hands off intervening in Bo’s brilliant rally.

There... that's better

As you can see, the much needed correction came all too soon afterwards.

That ringer did a real good hit job!

Yep, he turned out to be the Hank Paulson of Jenga today.

Bo, his crony, and various other people put their names and e-mails down; fellow YALer Austin and I discovered that we get along rather well; and there you have it: An exceptional report for an exceptional go at Jenganomics!

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