Free Markets 101 with the University of Texas at Arlington

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During the first week of the semester, YAL tabled at the Maverick Activities Fair. We received some great participation from the active chapter, and added 22 names to our 255 person weekly newsletter.

After this strong start, we held an informational meeting to educate the new recruits on what YAL is all about nationally and locally.

The University of Arlington Chapter began our Free Markets 101 activism by inviting our favorite economics professor out to host a meeting. Professor Wehr does not align to any side of the political spectrum in the classroom. Although, I think he may have leaked out some of his personal opinions to us, and it’s good to have him on our side.

Professor Wehr gave us his Five Minute University Exam, or political competency quiz, and then proceeded to explain the content of the quiz. The definitive messages which reached the majority of the audience were; the secondary consequences of legislation, the primary mechanisms of the economy, the inherent morality in the private sector, and the reality of what a US dollar is worth.

Professor Wehr's political competency quiz

Professor Wehr was given dealer’s choice over the lecture he provided to our students, and he came out gun’s blazing with libertarian ideology! What a success!

We began our official free market 101 field work with a sensational day of tabling and economic debate. Four members of the chapter took three hours out of their busy schedule to promote economic freedom on campus!


We chose our Rags or Riches activism kit and enjoyed great success! We signed up 15 names to our email list and met many new exciting individuals. We also made a strong effort to market the YAL Texas State Convention.


UTA's Fearsome Foursome 

Inclement weather ruined our second day of tabling, but we plan on using this unique kit to table in the future!



All and all, the YAL at UTA chapter has absolutely wrecked shop this semester! We added over 40 people to our email list, implemented two flyer campaigns, hosted a professor-led lecture, HOSTED A YAL STATE CONVENTION, and had a fantastic time advancing the message of Liberty!

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