Free Markets 101

Invovlement Fair 1

The spring involvement fair gave students a chance to see a variety of organizations here at UW-Whitewater. Our Young Americans for Liberty chapter was there to show those students the magic of the free market through practical and fun activism projects like Rags or Riches and Jenga-nomics. 

Invovlement Fair 2

Coming into our second semester on campus, we are taking every opportunity that presents it self to not only educate the student body about free markets but also to make them away of our presence  Both students and faculty took interest during these events. One passing by faculty member stopped and spoke with us briefly saying that he was glad there is someone like us on campus promoting our ideas in an easy to understand manner as well as admiring our copies of Wealth of Nations and Democracy in America.

Jenga 1

The students on campus were surprised to see where different countries around the world stood in terms of economic freedom. We only had two different groups get five or more countries correct but with each attempt we reiterated the correlation between capitalism and prosperity.

The students were also pleasantly surprised to be taught an economics lesson while playing something they were all familiar with. One student made a comment about how it’s the obvious things that are right in front of you, like Jenga, that can be used to teach students something useful rather than being read to out of a text book.

All in all we totalled 15 new signs up and put a thought in the mind of countless other passersby!

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