Free Markets and Poverty in Alabama

Here at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, we decided to make a discussion with Dr. Art Carden on “Markets and Poverty: Why Liberty Matters” the focus of our activism events for Free Markets 101.  You may know Dr. Carden from his contributions to and we are fortunate to have him nearby at Samford University in Birmingham.  

We began early in the week before the meeting by posting flyers  around campus.


And made some custom flyers promoting the event…

poverty and markets

The day of the meeting we used the activism materials such as Jenganomics…



and Rags to Riches…


Later that evening, Dr. Carden spoke to a group of about 40 students about the correlations between economic freedom (or lack of it) and the wealth of a nation.  


It was an amazing opportunity to hear from an accomplished speaker who has done so much in this area.  Thanks to Dr. Carden and YAL for the resources to hold this event!  

And be sure to explore Dr. Carden’s various short discussions at

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