Free Markets at UT-Austin!

Our first participant of the day!

For our Free Markets 101 event, the YAL/Libertarian Longhorns partnership chapter at the University of Texas at Austin chose YAL’s Jenganomics kit.  using this fun and interactive ice-breaker, we were able to introduce participants from all areas of the spectrum in familiarity to economics and libertarianism in general.  Even the University Democrats entertained us for a bit, though they opted for a reverse Jenga approach wherein the top blocks were redistributed towards the bottom.  For the most part, however, participants were in tune with our message and were highly receptive to our main example of redistribution: the 2009 bailout. 

Our greater successes were with those who came in mostly politically apathetic and left with the “click.” These kits are great tools for recruitment but even moreso, they’re great for spreading the message that prosperity is the result of individual empowerment, of economic freedom and of disallowing government meddling in markets.  Once the seed was planted, we invited participants to attend one of our Mises Circles, a group devoted to analyzing the works of Austrian thinkers.

We’re looking forward to our next event at our university’s largest organization fest where we’ll engage students in discussions of foreign policy and economics, and help them find their place on the political compass!

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