Free Minds Film Festival Is Looking for Submissions

Film is a dynamic media for spreading the ideas of liberty, whether it is through an educational documentary or an uplifting story of an individual’s struggle against the state, films can reach new audiences both intellectually and emotionally. The Free Minds Film Festival was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado with the mission to “[use] the art of film along with guest lecturers and panels to educate people about the ideas of a free society.” Our inaugural year brought over 90 attendees and was nominated by Students For Liberty as Event of the Year at the 2012 International Students For Liberty Conference.

In addition to spreading the ideas of liberty through film, we also want to encourage more pro-liberty films by finding new film makers and allowing them a chance to screen their work. Organizing for the 2012 Free Minds Film Festival is underway and we are looking for short films, feature films, and documentaries to screen this fall in Colorado Springs. If you are involved in a pro-liberty film, please email with your contact information and a description of your film and a trailer if available.

If you are not directly involved with a pro-liberty film, but have suggestions for pro-liberty films that you would like us to consider, please either have the film makers contact us or share your idea on our Facebook Timeline.

In addition to film submissions, we are also looking for sponsors and donations, both to support the festival (there is no such thing as a free lunch) and to help promote other liberty loving organizations. If you or your organizations are interested in supporting the festival details are available here.

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