Free of Speech Shirts at MATC

On November 11, our chapter advocated for our First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech through free speech shirts. As students walked passed we asked if they loved liberty and if they wanted to sign our shirts. Many of them thought it was humorous, wrote down something they wanted to say, and we chatted about what YAL is. 


Throughout the day, we had the privilege to speaking to many different students from different backgrounds about what freedom of speech meant to them. Many were happy to see a club on campus promoting freedom of speech at time when there was some push back against it. We had talks with others about the values that YAL promotes besides free speech and why we believe they are important.


Through our out of the box approach to freedom of speech and our passion driving behind it we had many sign-ups and had a substantive talk about about our basic rights, criminal justice reform, and education with those who came to our meeting later that night. 


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