Free Pizza and Beer Takes Virginia Tech!

This past Tuesday was no ordinary Tuesday night here at Virginia Tech. We had the honor of hosting Bill Frezza, who shared thought-provoking stories that had the whole room captivated. We were also delighted that Cliff Maloney, our Regional Director ,was able to come to Virginia Tech for this event.

Frezza at VTech

Mr. Frezza was unlike most speakers, who just spout opinions from a podium. Instead, he told intriguing first-hand accounts of his various experiences as a venture capitalist. The stories revealed insight into the progress and innovation that occurs when government opens markets. The audience asked some thoughtful questions that Frezza addressed, creating an excellent dialogue. We ran out of time at the presentation itself, but the audience was eager to hear more of Frezza’s stories!

The conversation then extended from the classroom to a Blacksburg favorite, Hokie House Restaurant. We got a large table and discussed an array of other issues, while enjoying free beer and Tom Petty. The title of this event proved true. It was our pleasure to spend the evening being filled with free pizza, beer, and wisdom from Mr. Frezza!

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