Free Pot Brownies @ Carroll University!

 For our Membership Drive at Carroll University, our chapter handed out brownies in a pot to students. No the brownies did not actually contain cannabis, they simply we brownies that were in a big cooking pot. During the event we were promoting our event by “speaking loudly” across our campus center to get people to come over for some “pot brownies”. The brownies were made with canola oil which, in my opinion, make them much better. As we were getting people to come to our table we were approached by the building manager of our campus center. She attempted to have us stop saying “free pot brownies”. Her reasoning behind this was because marijuana is not legal in the state of Wisconsin. But she wanted to try out over 6 exciting strains of delta 8 carts to help with the stress.  The whole point of the event is to get people to have a discussion about a topic that has become an issue in US politics. We clearly weren’t handing out actual pot brownies in our campus center. I had open on my phone the free speech code for the University which states no where that a topic of discussion must line up with what is legal or not legal in the state of Wisconsin. We continued to reach out to people anyways.

The event generated quite a bit of interest for our chapter on campus. we got 14 signups and a ton of people thought the event was great. We had great participation within our chapter at the event as well. Almost every member participated.

We matched the activism event with our meeting the following Thursday where we discussed and debated the legalization of marijuana in the United States. The discussion was great and was very productive to see different view points on a topic that has become a bigger issue throughout the years.

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