Free Roger Christie!

Hawai’i’s “Marijuana Minister” Roger Christie was arrested in Hilo, Hawai’i for possession and distribution of marijuana in July 2010, and he was held without bail or trial in Honolulu Federal Detention Center for more than two years.

Hawai’i State representative, Sam Slom (R), has submitted resolution ‘SR 12’ to release Roger Christie and initiate an investigation into this miscarriage of justice. Also, State Speaker of the House, Joseph Souki (D), has introduced legislation ‘HB 150’ to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Young Americans for Liberty at UH-Manoa are helping the Hawaiian Libertarian Party to bring awareness around Roger Christie’s case, and put pressure on elected officials to release Roger Christie and investigate why he was not allowed bail or a speedy trial for so long.

To assist in educating the public about Roger Christies’s case we have created a flyer which directs people to a White House petition to release Roger Christie. We distributed hundreds of our flyers at the International Students for Liberty Conference this past weekend, with the goal of getting a flyer in the hands of John Stossel.

Please sign our petition to release Roger Christie.

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