Free Speech Activism At UAH

Recently at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, our chapter got serious about free speech. We set up a table and a free speech poster to protest free speech policies on our campus. Students gathered around to write whatever they wanted and practice their first amendment right. We reached out to students to inform them of their first amendment right and the importance of tolerant speech codes.

Our Table And Poster Right At The Start

We passed out pocket constitutions, candy, bottle openers, and a few books. Many students were shocked to find out that we have any strict codes on campus regarding free speech. Students overall were enthusiastic about the subject. We got several signups during our activism and several questions about YAL. We culminated our free speech fever with a showing of Can We Take A Joke?

We had a few issues along the way but ultimately liberty triumphed. This ended up being a great way to finish the year and get people excited about YAL next semester.
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