Free Speech Activism Continues to Resinate at KU

The University Daily Kansan today has a cover page article on FIRE after recent YAL activism brought free speech issues to the attention of students:

The University received the lowest possible ranking for a U.S. academic institution for expressive rights on campus, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, also known as “FIRE.”

FIRE issued the University a “red-light” rating in 2011 for two policies in its “Housing Handbook” that the group considers to restrict freedom of speech.

“Without free speech and the full exchange of ideas on a college campus, students are only going to get part of the picture,” said Azhar Majeed, FIRE’s associate director of legal and public advocacy. “One’s education at the college level consists of more than just classes and exams. It includes the conversations that you have with your fellow students, with your professors and other people in the college community.”

Read the entire piece at the UDK online and leave a comment for Bobby Burch for keeping this in the news cycle at KU.

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