Free Speech Activism Event, Topped with Can We Take a Joke?

On Wednesday April 13th, the Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Utah hosted a free speech event.  To start the day off we had a free speech wall and tabled in the Union Plaza. We wanted to make sure that students were aware of just how important free speech is especially on college campuses and the dangers of having free speech zones. 

Free Speech Wall

To finish out the day we held a premier of the new documentary called “Can We Take a Joke?”  Many people participated in the events and were generally excited about the ideas of liberty. The documentary was a great way to show students just how much free speech is being censored in this country today.

Can We Take a Joke?
The events resulted in a handful of serious sign-ups for our chapter. Those who attended the screening came out more informed on these pressing issues. Overall, the event was a great success. We look forward to continuing to promote liberty on our campus. 


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