Free Speech at DePaul- Challenges & Opportunities

Since starting our YAL chapter at DePaul back in January, we’ve made some great progress in setting ourselves up to be a terrific organization. We’ve added members, held a recruitment drive, and are currently trying to set up some activism events that get our name heard around campus!

Our last recruitment drive did not go exactly according to plan, however. As many of you know, DePaul was placed on the list of Fire’s 10 worst schools for free speech in the country, and we noticed those challenges right away; the tabling experience was so restricted that we could not interact with the students, and any canvassing around campus is considered “soliciting”, and is strictly prohibited. We were required to sit behind our table, and pretty much nothing else. It’s clear now that in order to increase our membership, we’re going to have to be creative. 

During this event, I also had the pleasure of meeting Nate, one of the Illinois state chairs, and we were able to discuss some great ways to push our cause, increase membership, and get our name heard around campus. In the next few months for our chapter, I’m really looking forward to implementing these ideas. We hope to have a major event (the free speech ball is my favorite), as well as take our issues right to DePaul’s administration, with the hope of expanding free speech on campus. With this, our continued recruitment push, and our terrific members, I couldn’t be more exited for the future of YAL at DePaul!

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