Free Speech at IUB

An unseasonably warm and sunny day was the perfect setting for YAL at Indiana University to celebrate National Free Speech Week! Some logistic issues made us push back our start by an hour, but we more than made up for it. Students were very curious about the free speech ball and many decided to leave their mark. Messages varied widely, but contrary to authoritarian’s attacks on free speech as promoting harmful views, most people wrote expressions of positivity on our ball. Campus press took pictures and interviewed us, so our message is going to reach beyond just those who saw the ball. We also managed to get many people to sign up, filling three pages for our mailing list and numerous students talking excitedly about how they wanted to join. Finally, we got a great start to our petition for IU to adopt the Chicago principles of free speech, and we plan on continuing to gather signatures for that so long as the weather is nice. All and all, it was a great day for free speech in Bloomington!

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