Free Speech at Kutztown University

On March 3, 2017, the Kutztown chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held their second free speech event of the semester. The same as the first event, we passed out constitutions and talk to our students about the idea of liberty. Since this was just our second event of the semester we felt that it would be better to continue with a simpler event so that students who were new to the club could get more comfortable talking to our students. Also, this way we could all brush up on our talking points.

The event was successful and we had many students who showed interest in the club. Our chapter had a meeting the following week on Wednesday. We will have two more trigger events after this one to try and convince the school to change their speech codes. If we get them changed we will hopefully be able to express our views more freely and people will be able to assemble on campus without having to go through so many arbitrary steps. 

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