Free Speech at NMSU

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at New Mexico State University had a successful day of promoting free speech on April 13! Our chapter is known for having giant stationary free speech walls on campus every semester. We decided to shake things up this semester by using a 12 foot “free speech” beach ball instead! Getting the ball filled with air and onto campus was an adventure on its own, but definitely worth it!

Free speech ball

We started out the day by rolling our MASSIVE free speech ball across campus. As I’m sure you can imagine, a giant beach ball in the middle of campus can garner a lot of attention to students! We handed out sharpies to students walking by and encouraged them to practice their first amendment right by writing whatever they wanted on our ball.

Free Speech Ball 2

As is expected, we received our fair share of curse words and campaign slogans on the ball, however we also found a lot of pro-liberty sentiment shared on the ball as well! As students signed our free speech ball, we chatted with them about the importance of freedom of speech, and what we can do as activists to preserve it.

Free Speech Ball 3

We also used this event to promote our screening of the comedic documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?”. We wore t-shirts advertising the film and handed out flyers to students with information about the upcoming screening. By the end of the day, nearly every inch of that 12 foot beach ball was covered in writing, and we had handed out over 150 flyers!

Later that day, we were joined by fellow students for our documentary screening. We had a stimulating discussion about first amendment rights and PC culture on campus, and students left with a new way of looking at college censorship.


All in all, we had a great day of encouraging freedom of speech on campus, and we know that our members are ready to fight for their first amendment rights if they are ever threatened on campus!

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