Free Speech at OU

This semester I visited OU’s campus to help them with their first liberty activism event. 

The University of Oklahoma is a pretty liberal university for this state and the experience was very interesting.

I decided the best free speech opportunity on such a large campus would be to have a free speech ball. During the day, there were quite a few sign ups for the free speech petition. I saw allot of excited people and some who just kept their heads down and hurried past. It wasn’t until the end of the day when things got interesting.

When we were packing up to leave, a group of students came up to us and started asking why there were certain things on the ball. They kept asking us to mark things out and asked why we would allow such phrasing on the ball, but would only scream over us when we attempted to explain the ideology behind it. They accused us of promoting violence and racism, and proceeded to draw obscene images all over the speech ball. 

Fortunately we escaped with no permanent damage, although we may need a new ball. 


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