Free Speech at South Alabama

At the University of South Alabama we kicked off March by promoting free speech at our campus Student Center. We inspired students with the following question: “What are your passions and what are your problems with the University of South Alabama?” We held our event on March 2, the day following Super Tuesday. As a result, we had no problem sparking controversial conversation. Many of the students voiced their opinions on the candidates that were nominated the day before.

Two students were so proud of what they wrote, they asked if we could pose for snapchat.

Others, saw our event as a chance to spread optimism and shared uplifting quotes or words of wisdom. We even had a few “hashtags” added to our posters that aimed to connect people to common interests. The individuals on campus seemed to appreciate our efforts of “anything goes,” and had fun coming up with ideas on what to write. 

Our posters filled up fast!

Free speech is a privilege that not every country has. The YAL chapter at South Alabama practiced this right Wednesday by standing outside of the student center on campus asking students and faculty to use there freedom to voice their opinions. It was surprising how many people denied the opportunity to practice this freedom. However, there were many people who appreciated this outlet and it was fun to see what issues they wanted voiced.

We also connected with a former SGA president who was visiting the campus! He was proud to see our group of active libertarians.

We are excited to hold more events on campus and spread the message of liberty. 

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