Free Speech at The Ohio State University

 On Wednesday, August 30th, Young Americans for Liberty at The Ohio State University officially launched our Free Speech activism for the Fall 2017 semester. 

The Free Speech activism came as a direct response to University administrators who decided to ban ANY materials from being shown in dorm windows. Examples of material being shown in the past include American Flags, University of *ichigan jokes and political signs. The OSU YAL chapter directly opposes this clear attempt from University Administrators to suppress student’s freedom of expression.

To combat the attack on student’s freedom of speech we have conducted activism on 3 areas, Free Speech Ball, Petitioning for reform and protesting the ban.

1. Free Speech ball: On Wednesday, we did a free speech ball and are planning to do another free speech ball next week. Our free speech ball went VERY well. We probably had 300 students sign the ball over the course of 4 hours. We had 5 chapter members at the free speech ball at all times. We even had many liberal leaning students love the idea and they expressed interested in coming to a future YAL meeting. Pictures below 


2. Petitioning for reform: Luckily we have a couple members of our YAL chapter that are involved in Undergraduate Student Government. We have worked with those members to develop a resolution to remove the window ban at OSU. They will introduce the resolution next Wednesday, Sep 6th. They have had several people that are very influential within USG co-sponsor the resolution and it is likely to pass. To increase its chances of passing we created a petition to pressure USG to pass the resolution. We have already obtained 250 signatures for the petition and are hoping to have 500 signatures by the time the resolution is introduced. 

3. Protesting the policy: For our chapter members and their friends that are in dorms, many of them have decided to organize a protest of the policy. They are going to place American Flags, Bill of Rights and satirical jokes about the policy in their dorm windows. We are interested in seeing how administrators respond to the protest and it will show the ridiculousness of the policy if students can’t even place American flags in their window. 

That is our free speech plan for the semester. Hopefully, we can remove this clear violation of student’s freedom of expression and remove this policy ASAP.

Go Buckeyes!






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