Free Speech at the University of Delaware

Last Wednesday YAL@UD hosted their 3rd annual free speech ball event. Using a ball provided by the Leadership Institute, Chapter President Connor McGinley lead the chapter in blowing up the ball on the green and encouraging students to write whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted. When asked what this was for members responded to provide you with a platform to express yourself, to promote freedom of speech and an end to censorship and unconstitutional speech codes on campus. Many students took this as an opportunity to voice concerns over the election this year, to promote campus events, or to test our integrity by writing more vulgar things. And yet somehow no one was triggered, it seems the University of Delaware can handle uncensored conversation at least on a giant beach ball. The university sent no one to stop us this time. No police officer asked us to erase cartoon genitalia (it seems they’ve learned their lesson). Milo Yianopolis is coming to campus soon, YAL@UD plans to bring out the ball again and hopefully provide a better platform for students to voice concerns rather than silencing Milo. 

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