Free Speech at University of New Hamphire!!!

On Wednesday February 28th the University of New Hampshire took a big step into the fire fight for freedom and took a stab at the University of New Hampshire’s speech codes by doing a free speech ball!! We started our endeavor at the top of a hill outside the main dinning hall on campus. People wanted to stop because of the colors but they stopped to talk to us because we mentioned it was all about free speech. Probably over 100 students stopped to write there own little thing about themselves or draw a picture or just sign there name. On a campus so filled with people on the left it surprised me that we had over 60 signatures on our petition promoting free speech across all college campuses, especially at UNH. We had such a successful event we even gained a few new members. With us doing some recruitment later this week we should finally have enough students to make this a recognized student org at the university. This just goes to show that through some people skills and a brightly colored package from YAL you can make even the most left and the most right sided people look at reason and rational. Liberty is definitely winning here at UNH.


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