Free Speech at University of Northern Colorado: Petition Signing and Sidewalk Chalking

On Wednesday, April 27th, the University of Northern Colorado chapter joined the fight for free speech on campuses. We took a two pronged approach to gather support for free speech: ask students to sign a free speech petition and use sidewalk chalk to criticize the university’s speech code.
Signing the Petition 2
Most students were eager to sign the petition. Over 50% of the people who were asked agreed to sign it. We wanted to make sure students were informed on the importance of free speech especially on college campuses. 
UNC Bias Policy
The sidewalk chalk message gave facts about the university’s speech policies, gave the URL for the YAL website and the FIRE website. It also took a humorous jab at a poster about Bias-Motivated Speech that has been put up by campus administration.

We will continue the push for free speech reform on our campus and look forward to spreading the message of liberty next semester. 
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