Free Speech Ball 2k16 at UCSB!

Last Thursday, September 29th, The UCSB Young Americans for Liberty chapter rolled around our Free Speech Ball, bigger and better than ever before. Students on campus were delighted to participate. It was exciting to see their faces light up upon hearing they had the freedom to write whatever they want, but also disheartening to see that it took a giant beach ball and a sharpie for them to feel comfortable to freely express their mind. We hope these students further explore the climate of free speech on our campus and in their lives.

We were also given the wonderful opportunity by our Dean of Student Life to discuss the school’s free speech codes at a sit-down meeting, which we hope to plan soon. Our goal will be to rework the speech codes to closely follow the Chicago Principles of Free Speech and eliminate any vague wording that can be used as a means to censor speech on campus.

After around 3 hours of rolling the ball around campus, we had garnered more than 100 signings on the ball, including signings from the Dean of Student life and the Assistant Dean themselves. We hope to report back with good news for the campus soon!

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