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StartFree Speech Ball

On September 25th the SRJC YAL chapter held our first free speech event of the semester. The event was a smashing success. We started the long process of getting the ball blown up with a tiny pump. But during that, a person from the Student Affairs desk came up to us and tried to get us to sign in before doing our event. We refused as our event did not include a standing structure and we are only required to sign in if we had a table or something similar. We went on with our event and another person from the administration came out about 10 minutes later and talked with us and watched us the entire time that we were out there. 

It started off relatively slow, It seemed like people didn’t wan’t to be the first to write on the ball. But after the first few, many more people followed, we got overwhelming student support. We talked to people from all over the political spectrum and almost all of the students did not know about our school’s free speech policy and we’re shocked by it. 

Overall, the event was a success, we ended up with about 45 signatures and a couple people who we’re interested in learning more about YAL and possibly joining. 

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