Free Speech Ball and Inaugural Meeting at Georgia Southern University  

About two weeks ago, the students of Georgia Southern saw something they certainly don’t see every day: a giant 6 foot tall beach ball. This certainly caught the attention of passer-by’s and soon flocks of students turned up to see what all the fuss was about. When they got there, a few guys were handing out sharpies and telling the students to write WHATEVER they wanted on the ball. The students, not being the ones to pass up an opportunity like this, began to write anything and everything on what they now knew as the Free Speech Ball.

  As I stood by and encouraged these students to express whatever ideas, opinions, and/or frustrations they had on the ridiculously sized beach ball, I also began to engage with some of the students who showed a keen interest in what we were doing. I showed them some of the pamphlets and other materials that I received from YAL National in my activism kit promoting our civil liberties and illustrating some of the undesirable things that the central government does. Conversations like these really sparked an interest in many students, and I soon had the contact information for over a hundred students who told me that they supported free speech and liberty on campus, and would be interested in YAL here at Georgia Southern.  

Today, I held the Inaugural meeting of Young Americans For Liberty at Georgia Southern. Out of the 100 or so people who left me their contact information, I had twelve who actually emailed me back, and 9 who were able to make it to the meeting. I walked them through how to sign up on the website and also gave them an overview of our organisation.

I’d like to think that this first meeting is the start to something great here at Georgia Southern!

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