Free Speech Ball and Interactions with Police

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Delaware held their free speech event last Tuesday. We used a giant beach ball and encouraged students to write literally anything they wanted on the ball. The event was held to promote freedom of speech and expression, ending censorship and unconstitutional speech codes on college campuses.
YAL Squad
The chapter considered the University of Delaware’s speech codes to be pretty relaxed until a police officer showed up and asked the President and Vice President to scribble out any “offensive speech” specifically and depictions of penises. He said it could lead to other offensive speech and possibly racial and sexual harassment. He further argued that this type of speech could not possibly lead to any productive conversations only hurt and offend people. While the chapter leaders did say they would comply with the officer’s wishes and scribble out the penis, they did not in fact do so and had no complaints from other UD staff who passed by.

Later on the chapter held a showing of the documentary “Can we Take a Joke?” with 18 students in attendance and many more requesting another showing so they can watch it as well. Afterwards the attendees had a great conversation about whether dissenters had in fact a moral obligation to speak up and silence potential dangerous speech or that event that speech is protected and should be fought against in a more intellectual manor.   
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