Free Speech Ball and Tabling Success at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

On September 8th State Chair Kaleigh Cunningham and the Liberty Warriors of IUP took a stand against authoritative speech codes by rolling a free speech ball in the middle of the oak grove. We got a ton of people to sign the ball as well as our free speech petition. It soon became evident that the petition was well needed because campus administration came and told us that we needed to stop our actions, and reported our constitutions as being unapproved literature for campus… Big mistake. YAL has brought to the lime light the issues of restrictive campus speech codes and is prepared to combat combat them.

Later that day we tabled and blew up the ball again and also got even more people interested and a lot of people started asking questions. many of these questions pertained to why we are here and how we plan to make a difference, and soon after both of those questions were answered when campus administration attempted to make us At the end of the day we had well ovre 40 sign ups! 

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