Free Speech Ball at Cal State Dominguez Hills

Young Americans for Liberty at CSUDH decided to host a free speech themed event on campus, in context of recent events on campuses around the country. However, we decided that asking permission from the school to have a free speech wall would defeat the point. So we decided instead have a free speech ball and bring it to the students. 


We were on campus for several hours going around the school trying to find students who would write on the ball. Even though it was a windy day on campus, we decided that would not stop us. We asked students to sign the ball as a sign of freedom of expression  and students were eager too. 


We would talk with them about the importance of free speech on a college campus even if it may be considered offensive or wrong. As a university is a seat of intellectual discussion, it should allow differences of opinion. Even administrators signed our ball and were in agreement. 

Free Speech

Overall it was a very productive event as we were able to sign up a few new members and get the chapters name across the campus. We plan on doing this again next semester as an activism project. 

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