Free Speech Ball at California State University, Fresno

We got our new semester kicked off with a bang. I want to give a big thanks to Isaac Edikauskas and Alex Staudt for helping plan everything and making sure that we had everything we needed to. Especially for a newer chapter like ours, their work is a huge help.

We were only able to get out there for about an hour and a half, but in that time we were able to get 8 new signups, a few petition signatures, and best of all, we got 2 people to sign up for the spring summit in San Francisco this April.

I want to thank Isaac and Alex, the national YAL organization for supplying us with the activism kits, and I also want to thank everyone that posts their stories here. It’s a great motivator to see other liberty minded college students out there fighting for our fundamental freedoms. Keep working hard and #MakeLibertyWin!

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